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basic SOO pattern

gleaned from the interweb…I don’t need anything fancy special or ‘just like the original’. just wanted a basic Soo to start with before the mangling, ‘gator feeding, beheading and perhaps a hearty drawing and quartering can commence…pretty sure this quilt will be kept by me…

I blew her up on Picasa to print on an 81/2 by 11 piece pf paper…since my applique ability is totally nonexistent I figured a beefier patter would help! so here she all healthy and ready to be led to the slaughter… lol

Soo’s Spelling

patchy-sooWhy did I change the spelling of Sue for my Slaughtering Soo of the Sun Bonnet Quilt?!?

Well let me tell you…my manager’s name is Sue and I really like her as a person and disn’t want to use her spelling on my rather mean hearted quilt.  I have a half sister Susan and even though I haven’t seen her since I was like 12 I didn’t want to use her spelling since she is my sister…we in my family try not no name anything after anyone else unless it’s a child.  My mom had gotten 2 tree frogs when I was very young and named them after me and my cousin Eric…well they both died pretty quick…really sad…then there’s the steer on the farm named Gladys…My grandma wasn’t overjoyed with his name since that name was shared with her sister…thus the changing of the spelling.

If there are any readers, quilters or blog checker outers out there named Soo…No offence intended to you…I just had to change the spelling just enough to have it still mean the same thing just a different spelling!


Other spellings of Sue I veered away from:














block violence ideas

contemplations for events to unfold on the blocks ala SOO

Snake eating Sōō

Noosed Sōō

Sun supernova Sōō

Nuclear fallout Sōō

Helmetless scooter accident Sōō

Bumblebee allergy Sōō

Drive by Sōō

Conqueror worms chewing on Sōō

Tattooed ‘bad’ Sōō

Grapefruit spoon death Sōō

Acid rain I’m melting Sōō

Wee airplane crash into Sōō’s head

Can’t swim Sōō /shark

Handgun accident Sōō

Off with her head Sōō

Squished in mosh pit Sōō

mean vicious quilter am I


yet more contemplation…hope I live long enough to accomplish all that I contemplate! 🙂 Sunbonnet sue… my youngest daughter is a bit dark…not goth but dark nonetheless…when she was a wee person my mom made old fashioned sun bonnets for both my girls and they were beyond cute…I found the bonnets when searching for a chunk of my stash I knew was somewhere…and though aw my babies bonnets…looking at my girls now I think the bonnets would mortify them..thus they are on display now (HA) but I also thought hey how about a dark rather disturbing sunbonnet sue quilt… sue in a snake since I just got a new snake…sue falling off a cliff…sun going super nova baking sue…um yeah very dark…I’ve printed 12 regulation sues and will be modifying them ala pencil over the weekend to see what I can come up will…guess I’m a bit touched…

Yeah…I’m killing off sunbonnet Sue

K…so a few fellow quilter’s think this is the cat’s pajamas and can’t wait to see the finish project…Other’s are disturbed verging on rather angry about it…here’s the deal…I’ve never been an average quilter, much less artist or human for that matter. I laugh at myself when I fall down… I giggle at off color jokes… I’m so outside the box it has been picked up as refuse and recycled…so when I started contemplating slaughtering Soo of the bonnet…I just saw it as yet another way to express my creativity and flamboyant eccentricness.  So yeah…I’m killing of sunbonnet sue…in 16 fabulous 12-inch square blocks! 


Picked up the main block fabric a lovely snotty, pus shaded, sputum with a dash of rotted flesh phlegm green and the as Jaz put it clotted blood red for the sashing.