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block violence ideas

contemplations for events to unfold on the blocks ala SOO

Snake eating Sōō

Noosed Sōō

Sun supernova Sōō

Nuclear fallout Sōō

Helmetless scooter accident Sōō

Bumblebee allergy Sōō

Drive by Sōō

Conqueror worms chewing on Sōō

Tattooed ‘bad’ Sōō

Grapefruit spoon death Sōō

Acid rain I’m melting Sōō

Wee airplane crash into Sōō’s head

Can’t swim Sōō /shark

Handgun accident Sōō

Off with her head Sōō

Squished in mosh pit Sōō


About nanayane

Freshly middle aged mom of 3 daughters, my 'baby is in her 20s. Married (2011) to my sweet lima bean man Jim. Nana to my grandson Oliver and granddaughter Olivia. I quilt, make sock beasties, quilt and occasionally paint. I'm helping raise my grandchildren , love nature, and am Pagan with leanings towards Buddha and Hindu. So here's me...

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