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mean vicious quilter am I


yet more contemplation…hope I live long enough to accomplish all that I contemplate! 🙂 Sunbonnet sue… my youngest daughter is a bit dark…not goth but dark nonetheless…when she was a wee person my mom made old fashioned sun bonnets for both my girls and they were beyond cute…I found the bonnets when searching for a chunk of my stash I knew was somewhere…and though aw my babies bonnets…looking at my girls now I think the bonnets would mortify them..thus they are on display now (HA) but I also thought hey how about a dark rather disturbing sunbonnet sue quilt… sue in a snake since I just got a new snake…sue falling off a cliff…sun going super nova baking sue…um yeah very dark…I’ve printed 12 regulation sues and will be modifying them ala pencil over the weekend to see what I can come up will…guess I’m a bit touched…


About nanayane

Freshly middle aged mom of 3 daughters, my 'baby is in her 20s. Married (2011) to my sweet lima bean man Jim. Nana to my grandson Oliver and granddaughter Olivia. I quilt, make sock beasties, quilt and occasionally paint. I'm helping raise my grandchildren , love nature, and am Pagan with leanings towards Buddha and Hindu. So here's me...

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