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basic SOO pattern

gleaned from the interweb…I don’t need anything fancy special or ‘just like the original’. just wanted a basic Soo to start with before the mangling, ‘gator feeding, beheading and perhaps a hearty drawing and quartering can commence…pretty sure this quilt will be kept by me…

I blew her up on Picasa to print on an 81/2 by 11 piece pf paper…since my applique ability is totally¬†nonexistent¬†I figured a beefier patter would help! so here she all healthy and ready to be led to the slaughter… lol


About nanayane

Freshly middle aged mom of 3 daughters, my 'baby is in her 20s. Married (2011) to my sweet lima bean man Jim. Nana to my grandson Oliver and granddaughter Olivia. I quilt, make sock beasties, quilt and occasionally paint. I'm helping raise my grandchildren , love nature, and am Pagan with leanings towards Buddha and Hindu. So here's me...

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