Yeah…I’m killing off sunbonnet Sue

K…so a few fellow quilter’s think this is the cat’s pajamas and can’t wait to see the finish project…Other’s are disturbed verging on rather angry about it…here’s the deal…I’ve never been an average quilter, much less artist or human for that matter. I laugh at myself when I fall down… I giggle at off color jokes… I’m so outside the box it has been picked up as refuse and recycled…so when I started contemplating slaughtering Soo of the bonnet…I just saw it as yet another way to express my creativity and flamboyant eccentricness.  So yeah…I’m killing of sunbonnet sue…in 16 fabulous 12-inch square blocks! 


Picked up the main block fabric a lovely snotty, pus shaded, sputum with a dash of rotted flesh phlegm green and the as Jaz put it clotted blood red for the sashing.